THE ULTIMATE 17 Use Survival/Self Defense Kit! Axe,Shovel,Weapons etc

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THE ULTIMATE 17 Use Survival/Self Defense Kit!

This incredibly comprehensive kit includes 17 different items and uses within!

Made out of High Quality Steel this full kit allows you to build any item for all you survival situations, be it Hiking, Camping or Hunting


  1. Shovel made to the length with the fully adjustable system.
  2. Short Cudgel.
  3. Tall Cudgel.
  4. Three Section Cudgel
  5. Small Survival Tools 
  6. Eagle Tool Pliers Multi Tool
  7. T-shaped Stick
  8. Nunchakus
  9. Knife in Hilt
  10. Water Filter
  11. Pick Axe
  12. Y Handle For Catapult.
  13. Sickle and Fish Spear.
  14. Hand Axe.
  15. Tactical Pen.
  16. Fishing Rod
  17. Hoe

You will NOT be disappointed with this kit, it includes everything you could need and is great to keep in the trunk or back of your pick up for any occasion!




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