EDC Carabiner Para-Cord Grenade MINI Survival Kit

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EDC GEAR Carabiner Para-Cord Grenade MINI Survival Kit

An ultra compact emergency survival kit - be prepared for any situation Whether you need to start a fire, catch fish in the wild, sharpen branches with a knife, or sew together pieces of cloth; it’s all in this tiny little grenade-shaped survival kit - and more!

It’s super easy to take this with you; use the included carabiner to attach it to the waistband of your rucksack, or throw it inside your bag - and when something goes missing, or you find yourself deeper in the woods than you thought; you’ll be glad you had it!

Everything you’ll find below is wrapped inside of 2.7 meters of 227kg Military Grade Paracord (which can be extremely helpful on it’s own!);

• Tinder
• Fire Starter
• Aluminium Foil
• Eye Knife
• Needle
• Wire
• Weights
• Swivels
• Fishing Hooks
• Fishing Lines
• Floats

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